Hi there! I’m Meg -
 I bring beauty and spark to everyday life.

I'm a former NYC advertising Art Director, now using my creative genius to bring more fun, beauty, and LIFE to every project I touch. Eternal optimist, and people person, I love to be outside and live for spontaneous get togethers. You can usually find me around town, covered in paint.


I was living the big city creative agency-life dream. I served the big, exciting clients, and flexed that creative muscle daily. 

I loved the board room presentations, the work, the symbolism and thought behind each and every "Big Idea".  I loved the art and the creativity.  

Agency life taught me everything I know about producing for others.  It helped me learn and grow into my own creative process.  I  perfected the art of the edit, and gained thick skin every time I put my creation on the wall to be picked apart or praised by the powers that be. 

Pixel pushing away...
feel alive 
Pixel pushing away...

I was lugging my laptop on the train, longing for the days I could connect with people through my art, instead of feeding the corporate agenda. 

When my oldest, Molly, was a baby, it became clear that this phase of my life was ending. Leaving her while I trekked on the train working grueling agency hours took it's toll.  All I wanted to do was be home. and have the freedom to express my soul through my work.

Cut to 6 years, another sweet babe and a pandemic later, and I'm forever grateful that's exactly what I get to do. Making art to reach your families, your businesses, your clients.... Using art to make a difference in the lives of the people and places I love, and showing my kids what it's like to follow your heart. 

To connect with of this amazing community of Cranford, NJ through my creativity brings me so much joy.  My hope is that each and every work I produce makes you feel as alive as I feel. 

Forever grateful to be a member of the cranford, nj community.  If you're not from around here, I can bring the small town vibes to you, too!

Me and my Mike, Michael and Molly, soaking in My Favorite time of day


Meg Solebello is The Cranford Creative. She's a former NYC agency creative who brings big city smarts to small town homes and businesses. She hopes to be known for bringing her signature frenetic spunk, zest for life, and a keen eye to every creation, helping your homes, businesses and soirees live outside the lines. 




Spontaneity is my middle name, Nothing makes me feel more free and alive than last minute adventures.


I hold birthdays ridiculously high on the list of important things in life. Aaand I am a sucker for a theme.


I like to spin life's chaos, and mishaps into  moments of fun. 

I love a blank space. Wall, room, canvas, screen,....Just give me a nugget of an idea and I'll run with it to create something special.

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


three words to describe me?

Fun, Energetic, Real

my superpower

My hyper focus. Once I get started, it's on. 

guilty pleasure

Finally sitting down! 

Favorite cranford shop

Track 5, Hickory & Hill, & Agusta Mae

secret confession

I obsess over a good organization system.

can't live without


I'll never say no to


alternate universe career

Plant lady

beach vs mountains

So torn! But my soul is drawn to the sea.

am vs pm?

I'm the eternal night owl


Bring beauty, presence, time and stillness to each              


I believe in the beauty of each and every moment, as long as you become present enough to see it.  

I believe that time with family is more important than anything else, and that a quiet moment together in nature has the ability to restore chaos, because nature is perfectly chaotic.

I believe in freedom, of expression and of time, and I demand the boxes around us that keep us contained and restrained fall away to the frenetic energy that exists outside of the lines. 

I believe in getting dirty, and that messy hands are a sign of creation and process and trying and failing and succeeding, and being in the journey regardless of the destination. 

I believe in basking in appreciation and receptivity and always letting others know how you feel. 

I believe in living on your own terms, living your purpose and never letting the moments pass you by.

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